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    品着红酒,听着Edith Piaf,南风轻抚我们的脸庞。我们在法国,这很确定,但是我们现在穿越到了“Anjou velo vintage”年代。
  • Wednesday 25th November 2015, Vatnajˆkull national park, Iceland: Photographer Mikael Buck with assistance from renowned local Icelandic guide Einar Runar Sigurdsson, explored the frozen world of Vatnajˆkull glacier in Iceland using Sonyís world first back-illuminated full-frame sensor ñ which features in the ?7R II camera. His images were taken without use of a tripod or any image stitching techniques in photoshop. This was made possible through Sonyís new sensor technology, allowing incredibly detailed low-light hand held photography. Previously images this detailed would have required carrying bulky equipment to the caves, some of which can require hiking and climbing over a glacier for up to two hours to to access.

This picture: Looking up from inside the 'ABC cave' - which stands for Amazing Blue Cave.  Guide Einar Runar Sigurdsson can be seen ice climbing on the glacier outside.

PR Handout - editorial usage only. Photographer's details not to be removed from metadata or byline.

For further information please contact Rochelle Collison at Hope & Glory PR on 020 7014 5306 or rochelle.collison@hopeandglorypr.com

Copyright: © Mikael Buck / Sony
07828 201 042 / mikaelbuck@gmail.com
    冰岛的瓦特纳冰川洞穴之美以前所未有的精确度出现在摄影师米加尔·巴克(Mikael Buck)的图像中。
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    葡萄牙首都正在为布鲁斯·斯普林斯廷、Queen+Adam Lambert、Maroon 5 和艾维奇这些世界级乐队来到世界最大的音乐节而排演。
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    人生短暂,好酒相伴。在澳大利亚度过完美周末的方法是和袋鼠一起看夕阳,漫步闲适幽静的酒窖,这些在Margaret River可以实现。
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